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Luck and Lavender Studio

Fuck Politeness Sticker

Fuck Politeness Sticker

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From the artist:

"I don't really talk about this much but I'm a pretty big fan of true crime. On of my fave podcasts is My Favorite Murder, and one of their biggest sayings is "fuck politeness", which, as a survivor, I have a really hard time doing while also knowing how important it is to do so. There's something about normalizing taboo topics like true crime that really soothes my anxieties. Reinforcing that my fears come from a real place and that it makes sense to always be thinking of how to protect myself makes me feel a lot less alone. So anyways, in case you needed to hear this today, fuck politeness! Take care of yourself first, always!"

3.5" x 4" die-cut vinyl water-resistant sticker,Β designed by an independent artist in Ottawa and printed by another small business in Montreal. Beautiful and glossy, these stickers are water-proof and won't peel or flake whether they're on your water bottle or your car bumper.

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